In recent work, Zachary is experimenting with a mixed technique in which he employs the use of tempera and oil and wax emulsion in combination, resulting in an emergent quality that he likens to “figures in the process of becoming.”

From his beginnings on the hardscrabble Lower East Side of New York of the early 1950s Zachary has marveled at urban constructions; to his youthful eyes they were ladders and rollercoasters to heaven, on to verdant hills-- cloud like forms, fertile and fat, wrapped candelabra-like, around the anonymous faces and places of the city. In his paintings forms take shape with flurried brushstrokes, a process and technique that allows him to find meaning in the spaces between people, places and things. In so doing he finds beauty in unlikely places. Zachary will paint this story many times more.

He resides in New Rochelle, New York since 1983 and exhibits at the R. Michelson Gallery in Northampton, MA.